Malaga Airport


A Traveller Historical Record In August

Malaga airport received 1.680.707 passengers in August 2014, which means a 5,7% increase in relation to the same period in 2013.

Malaga airport closed last August as the month with the highest number of users of its history, as it received 1,680,707 passengers, an increase of 5,7% over the same month last year.

The traffic  of the airports in the AENA networks  was increased in 6,2% during the month of August, in relation to the same month in 2013, exceeding the amount of 22,9 million passengers, which means  a continuous growth for the last ten months.

According with AENA, 16,6 million passengers from this amount, came from international flights, which means and increase of 6,5%.

Concerning to the airports, and in terms to the number of passengers received, it was Barcelona-El Prat the one which occupies the first place, with an increase of 8,6% in August, registering the highest amount of passengers over its history , with 4,2 million passengers.

In relation to Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, the passengers received were nearly 4 millions (3.990.993), which implies a increase of 5%.

Likewise, the summer corresponding to the year 2014 has achieved another record in relation to private flights:

The small civil terminal, which is used by private flights, became a hive of passengers, with a point in common; the budget of a magnate and the willingness to spend their holidays in some of the most unobtrusive and luxury places that can be found in the Costa del Sol. There is a feeling of euphoria in the sector, because they see that big fortunes from all over the world put their eyes in Marbella and surrounding areas once again, after the crisis lived during these years.

The numbers show: There has been an average of 25 to 30 private flights per day, during the month of august, reaching up to 50 aircrafts on the previous days of the weekend and commencing the week. At this rate, it implies an increase of 40% if compared to the previous summer.

For both airline and handling companies the reason of this increase is due not only to the international recovery of the brand  Costa del Sol but also to Ramadan, the Holy month for Muslims, that was initiated in June 28th and concluded in July 28th, before commencing August, which is the month where the main increase took place.