The funds transferred to MNZ CLIENT ACCOUNT SL via this virtual facility will arrive into our client account and will be set aside for the purpose intended and previously agreed with the client.

Any refund/cancellation request must be addressed to the following e-mail address:

As the funds arrive into a client bank account, the terms for the refund/cancellation will be different in each case, and will be set out in the prior agreements with the client or by the client with a third party.

There is the possibility that the refund/cancellation cannot be carried out due to the previous instructions or agreements with a client or with third parties.

Should there be any disagreement in relation to the refund/cancellation, MNZ may transfer the funds into the account of a Spanish notary public until an agreement is reached or a court decision is issued.

Due to the funds going into a client bank account, the payer will be responsible for any (bank) commission that may arise from this transaction.